The Nelson Downriver
Canoe and Kayak Race Classes

Open Canoe
1 paddler
Open Canoe
2 paddlers
1 paddler
Male Junior (under 16)OC-1 JrOC-2 JrK-1 Jr
Female Junior (under 16)OC-1 JrWOC-2 JrWK-1 JrW
Male - (Age 16-45)OC-1OC-2K-1
Female - (Age 16-45)OC-1WOC-2WK-1W
Male Master - (Age 45-69)OC-1MOC-2MK-1M
Female Master - (Age 45-69)OC-1MWOC-2MWK-1MW
Male Veteran - (Age 70+)OC-1VetOC-2VetK-1Vet
Female Veteran - (Age 70+)OC-1VetWOC-2VetWK-1VetW
Mixed - (Male/Female)OC-2X*
* - May also contain combined or separate Junior, Master and Veteran age groups

Special Classes
Advanced Classes - Possible in any of the above categories
Downriver Classes - Designated at starting line; includes craft whose length, width or design gives great advantage to the paddler.
Family Classes - Usually Father/Son, but almost any family combo consistent with safe boating is possible.
Stubby Classes - include broad sit-on-tops, duckies and whitewater play boats that mitigate against fast paddling.

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