Nelson Down River

Canoe and Kayak Race


1998 Race Results

Rockfish River, Nelson County, Va.


For more Nelson Downriver Race information call Phil Welker at 804-277-8023 or email Conny Roussos at

Race Results:

  OC2 male

    1st David Welker and Kendall Russell    1:04:29

    2nd Conny Roussos and Dave Thomas       1:06:44

    3rd Kenny Guerrannt and Joe McKinney    1:13:05

    4th Wes Weares and Richard Comfort      1:19:40


  OC2 mixed

    1st Bo Holland and Jamie Gibbs          1:13:42

    2nd Pat Lawrence and Eva Kung           1:33


  OC1 women

    1st Carla Havens        1:06:59

    2nd Linda Crowe         1:19:49


  OC1 male

    1st Ed Sharp            1:04:10

    2nd Kirk Havens         1:04:30

    3rd Ralph Hambrick      1:09:57


  K1 men

    Tom Eick                1:05:58

    Ed Demasters            1:10:20

    Damon Roussos (junior)  1:40


Outstanding Paddler Award:

    Ed Sharp


    The Outstanding Paddler Award is given each year to the paddler who, in the opinion of the judges, has demonstrated the most superlative effort in the race.  Consideration is given to age, sex, paddling experience, type of craft and other factors that could affect the paddler's performance.


Each year the name of the winner of the Outstanding Paddler Award is engraved onto a brass plaque that is mounted onto a wooden canoe paddle.  The paddle is displayed in the Nelson County Tourism Office.


Support Personnel


Other Information

Race Judges:

    Phil Welker (Head judge), Conny Roussos, Tom Eick, Bo Holland

    and Vernon Powell


Race Committee:

    Phil Welker (Chair), Conny Roussos and Tom Eick


Safety Boats:

    Ellsworth DeMasters, Darnelle DeMasters, Vernon Powell



    Vernon Powell



    Phil Welker


Timer and Statistician:

    Gail Roussos



    20 participants and 14 boats


Other Notes:

    In previous years the race consisted of a series of circuit races on the James River in conjunction with the Batteau Festival in Wingina Va.  The intention for the future is that the race will be strictly a downriver race on a Nelson Co. area river independent of other events.