The Nelson Area Paddlers and Nelson Co. Recreation
The Nelson Downriver
Canoe and Kayak Race


The Nelson Downriver Race is intended for anyone interested in canoe or kayak racing - from novices to national champions. Our goal is to promote recreation, conservation and sportsmanship through paddling rivers and lakes in and around Nelson County, Virginia.
The Nelson Area Paddlers

Photographs courtesy of Vernon Powell River Photos Unlimited, Roussos Web Services ( and Emily Harper of Nelson Co. Parks and Rec.

Racers approach through the mist.
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Solo Women
Solo Men Canoe
Solo Men Kayak
Tandem Men
Mixed Tandem
Apres Race
Galleria I
Galleria II
Canoe Stories by Les Fry
Passing the Torch - Generation to Generation
George Powell, son of our oldest local paddler, Vernon Powell, shows his son the line through rock pile rapid. Teaching the next generation is the key to passing on knowledge of and appreciation for this traditional American sport. Canoeing and Kayaking embody the best of our way of life.

The Bridge Beam Mystery
Somehow this bridge beam was placed under a very large rock near the shore at rock pile rapid. Clearly, forces beyond human ken are at work here.

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