The Nelson Area Paddlers
The Nelson Downriver
2004 Canoe and Kayak Race Results

Location: Tye river.
Course: Put-in on the Tye about 2 miles downstream from Tye River Depot. Paddle 7.5 miles to a point 100 yards upstream of the confluence with Rucker Run.
Many thanks to Sue and Ethan Saliba for allowing us to use their property on the Tye River.

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OC1Open Canoe, 1 paddler
OC2Open Canoe, 2 paddlers
Mixed1 male & 1 female
K1Kayak, 1 paddler
K2Kayak, 2 paddlers
Saturday, May 1, 2004
Solo Canoe
OC1 Male (Advanced)
1. Quincy Ayscue1:19:01
2. Jim Farrington1:20:34
3. Conny Roussos1:25:28
OC1 Male
1. Paul Cavanaugh1:26:32
2. Dave Thomas1:27:49
3. Darrel Cockmann1:30:51
4. Skip Folke1:32:30
5. Dave Howard1:33:38
6. Herman Schlimmer1:33:41
OC1 Male (Youth)
1. Dan Tucker
OC1 Female
1. Alicia Jahsman1:44:46
2. JoAnn White2:30:00
1. Bob Whaley1:40:28
-. Les Fry timeless
Tandem Canoe
OC2 Male
1. Jim Farrington & Kirk Havens1:18:52
2. Kevin Shifflett & Ben Hutt1:26:16
3. John Profitt & Greg Grant1:27:47
4. Mike Watson & John Beale1:30:37
5. Billy Orme & Anthony McFadden1:34:38
6. Bill West & Clark Thacker1:41:55
7. Arthur Henne & David Ross1:46:44
OC2 Father/Son
1. Ted Glasgow & Cameron Glasgow1:47:28
2. Mark Cerny & Justin Cerny1:52:49
OC2 Mixed
1. Lynn McDuffie & William McDuffie1:18:16
2. Karla Havens & Ed Sharp1:20:22
3. Lena Conner & Dave Welker1:27:53
4. Denise Mull & Jim Luther1:51:20
OC2 Family
1. Amy, Phillip & Dan Barto1:49:13
K1 Female
1. Carol Tucker1:50:02
2. Jenifer Wolfe1:54:07
3. Eileen Cerny1:57:22
-. Gene Demsky
-. Phyllis White
K1 Male
1. Tom Eick1:20:57
2. Dave Perault1:27:34
3. Ron Tucker1:29:24
4. Ed Demasters1:30:01
5. Stephen Moore1:30:34
6. Jimbo Cary2:13:54
7. Ron Ashmore2:21:14
-. Jeff Powell
-. John Demsky
K1 Youth
1. Drew Tucker1:29:09
2. Zack Cerny1:57:15

The Outstanding Paddler Award for 2004 goes to Quincy Ayscue

Outstanding Paddler Ceremony
The Nelson Downriver Race is held annually on the first Saturday of May. The winner of the prestigious Outstanding Paddler Award this year is Quincy Ayscue. Each year the name of the award winner is incribed onto a brass plate that is placed onto a paddle displayed in the Nelson Center in Lovingston, VA. An additional wooden paddle is inscribed and given to the winner of the award at the culmination of the awards ceremony.

National Champs
This years participants included 10 national whitewater downriver racing champions.

Paddling Tip - Bent Paddles
Years ago bent-shaft paddles were simply the result of an unfortunate mishap and discarded. Later, they were manufactured and introduced by Jensen originally only for sit-down, flat-water racing. The bent-shaft causes the paddle blade to remain more vertical in the water for a longer portion of the stroke, thus achieving greater power and speed on each stroke. Now bent-shaft paddles are solidly in the domain of whitewater racing canoeists. Downriver racers need to carefully select the length of the paddle to match their height, arm-length and paddling position. Blade width should be chosen to be compatible with a paddlers strength and endurance. Paddling positions seem to be personal and controversial and include, sit-down, kneel-down, kneel-up and high-kneel (one knee, one side paddling).

Race Photos
Once again this year many paddlers will receive action photos of their participation thanks to Vernon Powell, local canoeing guide and event photographer. Our webmaster, Conny Roussos, and Emily Harper, Director of Nelson Co. Parks and Rec., shared in the photography duties this year as well.

Thanks again to Ethan and Sue Saliba for their generosity in allowing us all to use their riverfront property.

Support Personnel And Other Information
Nancy Welker, Phil Welker and Gail Roussos

Race Judges:
Phil Welker (Head judge), Conny Roussos, Dave Thomas, Dave Perault & Tom Eick

Race Committee:
Phil Welker (Chair), Conny Roussos, Dave Thomas, JoAn White, Gail Roussos, Dave Perault and Tom Eick

Safety Boats:
Dave Perault, Tom Eick, Conny Roussos and Vernon Powell

Vernon Powell, Conny Roussos, Emily Harper

Phil Welker, Tom Eick

Timers and Statisticians:
Phil Welker, Tom Eick and Elsworth DeMasters

Food Preparation:
Dave Thomas, Nancy Welker, Gail Roussos, Ed Demasters + other coconspirators.

Preparation of Award Paddle:
Dave Thomas

60 paddlers and 46 boats - A New Record!

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